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We understand that your vehicle is very important to you. It is the means by which we all manage to get through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, we are committed to providing top quality work in a timely fashion to get you where you need to be. In a world where so much is left up to chance, why accept anything less than the absolute best? There is no problem to large or question to small; if it burns fuel and runs on wheels, we will work on it!

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle's engine, so its level should be checked on a monthly basis to avoid possible major engine damage. Failure to change the oil at proper intervals may cause the oil to be so dirty that it will promote clogging of the oil passages and will also increase the rate of wear on bearings, cylinders, pistons and piston rings. The use of an oil with a viscosity that is too light may result in high oil consumption.

RS Auto Specialties is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Our experienced service department will keep your vehicle running in top condition. We use the latest automotive diagnostic technology to provide you with high quality service, and quick turnaround. This gets you on the road quickly and safely.

A broken belt or ruptured hose can leave you sitting in the middle of nowhere. If your engine belts appear brittle or are showing signs of cracking, replace them immediately. Likewise, if your hoses are bulging or beginning to show signs of rot, you need to install new ones as soon as possible.

Worn or improperly inflated tires are not only a safety hazard, but they can also contribute to a decrease in gas mileage. Check your tires' air pressure weekly, and inflate them to the manufacturer's specifications if they are low. If a tire needs to be inflated regularly, it may be the sign of a slow leak. You should also check tread wear, particularly when heading out on a road trip.

Some services that are provided by RS Auto Specialties include oil change service, complete computer diagnostics, brake replacement, A/C repairs, scheduled maintenance, timing belt replacement, clutch services, turbo and supercharger upgrades, computer tuning, engine rebuilding, and much much more...

When your car is due for an oil-change, tire rotation, or maintenance, we will send you a friendly reminder. Sign up the next time you bring your car in for service!

Serving customers in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties and the neighboring cities Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Islamorada, Doral, Pompano Beach, Weston, Plantation, Pembroke Pines and Boca Raton.


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ASE Master Technician with over 26 years of experience in complete auto repair and performance. My passion is with Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. "If it burns fuel & rolls on wheels"